The Educator Gifted Professional Development book study LETRS Volume 1: Units 1-4 and LETRS Volume 2: Units 5-8 with Gifted Connections is designed to help participants take their LETRS training and look through a gifted lense to make connections with ways to adapt their instruction to best meet the needs of students who are advanced or gifted in English Language Arts areas of instruction. Throughout the book study, participants will engage in online modules focused on the four units presented in each volume of LETRS and will think about their learning and answer questions posed pertaining to gifted and advanced ELA learners sharing their thoughts and reflections with ways they plan to modify their job embedded instructional practices to best serve these gifted and advanced learners’ needs. Participants will read and reflect on their readings, participate in discussion forums, and complete assignments that will prepare them to best serve gifted learners in the classroom.