Student Support and Intervention

At Muskingum Valley Educational Service Center, we support our students, educators and districts with dedicated services for preschoolers and students with disabilities. We work with every student, from our earliest of learners to our older students transitioning into adulthood, to ensure they receive instruction tailored to meet their individual needs.

We help students reach their highest potential.

MVESC Student Support and Intervention Services include:

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Vision
  • Interpreters
  • ASL Teachers of Deaf
  • School Psychologists
  • Student Advocates
  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst 
  • Parent Mentor

Child Find

While every child grows mentally and physically at his or her own pace, some children experience disabilities that can delay or hinder their progress. Each year, school districts throughout Ohio participate in an effort to identify, locate and evaluate all children – from birth to 21 years old – who have, or are at risk of having a disability. Child Find offers services to parents that help in identifying, screening, evaluating, and finding resources for these children. If you suspect your child may have a delay in the area(s) of speech and language, fine or gross motor skills, vision or general developmental concerns, learn more on our Child Find page.


Our preschool leaders boast more than 45 years of experience in the early learning arena. Our program targets preschoolers at-risk for academic failure to provide a firm foundation for kindergarten.

  • Preschool services are delivered to your community in your school buildings, at Head Start programs and private daycare centers, and to students at their homes.
  • We engage parents in the education process, so they know how to support their children at school now and in future years.
  • We supervise multiple classrooms, helping you navigate through challenging state requirements and documentation.

For more information on our Muskingum Valley Preschool programs, contact Preschool Director Krystal McFarland at

Multiple Disabilities

We work with every student to ensure they receive instruction tailored to meet their individual needs. Our program helps students transition during all important milestones in their educational careers. Our students learn the important social skills they need by interacting with non-typical and typical peers. We ensure that students receive quality instruction – within a school building – with typical peers.

We also work with families to access community resources to help their children with financial, medical and emotional needs. Our staff works to provide occupational, physical, speech, vision and interpreter services – within the setting – to help each child thrive. We promote a real sense of self-determination and self-advocacy with all students, grades K – age 22, so our students will be equipped to thrive after they leave our program.

For more information on our MVESC Multiple Disabilities program, contact Student Services Coordinator Kate Brenner at or Student Services Supervisor Adam Copeland at

Behavior Consultation

Our MVESC Behavior Consultant will work directly with your staff to provide any of the following:

  • Classroom evaluations to maximize Positive Behavioral Intervention Supports (PBIS) efforts at a classroom and individual level
  • Functional Behavior Analysis (FBA) of student behavior issues
  • Development of individualized behavior plans for student issues to provide the highest likelihood of positively impacting the issue of concern
  • Development of data-driven objectives for student behavior issues that can be translated into measurable Individualized Education Program (IEP) goals.
  • Focused training for paraprofessionals and one-on-one aides
  • Professional development activities, highlighting the use of PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports)

For more information on Behavior Consultation, contact Meredith Walker, Board Certified Behavior Analyst, at 740-452-4518, ext. 1127

ALPHA Program

The ALPHA program, sponsored by Perry County Juvenile Court, helps a district’s adjudicated students get back on the right track by helping them with credit recovery, behavioral issues and social-emotional well-being.

The ALPHA Program has served at-risk youth from Perry County and surrounding schools for more than 30 years, giving them a direct line to the juvenile court and all the services the court has to offer. This comprehensive, community-based program addresses the needs of students and families and is funded by a grant from the Department of Youth Services and participating school districts. Teachers, supervisors and support staff are employed through MVESC. The ALPHA Program provides regular academic classes and individual or group counseling sessions, at no cost to the youth and families, that involve parents and other family members in the process.

For more information on our ALPHA program, contact At-Risk Coordinator Jim Pottmeyer at or Perry County Juvenile Court Judge Luann Cooperrider at

Adult Success Program (Post-Graduate Program)

Our Adult Success Program prepares students for the world of work by building independent living, job-ready work and community social skills.

  • Students work in community-based jobs daily, focusing on the skills necessary to secure and retain a job in the community.
  • Training takes place in community settings and real-life situations.
  • The program emphasizes the development of self-awareness, self-confidence, socially responsible behavior, interpersonal skills, decision making, independence and communication.
  • Students and families connect with local agencies that help with job development, housing, financial needs and more.

For more information on our Adult Success Program, contact Kate Brenner at

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