Workforce Development

The Muskingum Valley Educational Service Center (MVESC) partners with organizations throughout the region to provide workforce development programming to benefit students in eastern and southern Ohio. The programs prepare our students for continuing education or to enter the ever-changing, highly-demanding world of work. Our Business Advisory Council (BAC) helps us target programming that will be most beneficial to our students and for companies seeking to employ the next generation workforce.

2024 BAC Statement

What Skills Do Employers Need?

We created a series of short videos with employers explaining the types of skills they say employees need to be successful. Their insights are valuable for both teachers and students.

  1. Characteristics of Success: Dependability
  2. Characteristics of Success: Responsibility
  3. Characteristics of Success: Positive Attitude
  4. Characteristics of Success: Communication
  5. Characteristics of Success: Math on the Job
  6. Characteristics of Success: Non-Verbal Communication
  7. Characteristics of Success: Professionalism



We believe partnerships are critical to workforce development success.

Preparing students for the world of work and encourating life-long learning are key components of workforce development. Students in our region benefit from strong partnerships between business and education, as well as numerous workforce development program providers. We also utilize internal resources like our Curriculum & Learning, Gifted Eduation, and Operational staff members to provide relevent programming for students, educators and partner organizations.

Our partners include:

  1. aiEDU
  2. AOP-20
  3. Appalachian Chidren Coalition
  4. Appalachian STEM Collaborative
  5. ApprenticeOhio
  6. Ashland University
  7. Buckeye Hills Regional Council
  8. Building Bridges to Careers
  9. Coalition for Rural and Appalachian Schools
  10. Future Forward Ohio
  11. Genesis Healthcare System
  12. Ohio High Schools That Work
  13. Honda of America 
  14. I.B.E.W. Local 1105
  15. JASON Learning
  16. Mid-East Career & Technology Centers
  17. Muskingum University
  18. NRF Foundation
  19. Ohio Department of Education
  20. Ohio STEM Learning Network
  21. Ohio University
  22. Ohio Valley ESC
  23. The Safety Group
  24. Southeast Ohio Teacher Development Collaborative
  25. 220th Engineering Installation Squadron
  26. Zane State College

Choices are good. We provide a variety of workforce development programs from which area students can choose.

MVESC and our partners are delivering workforce development programs to help eliminate barriers to employment and prepare students to make a positive impact on his or her first day on the job. The Muskingum Ohio Valley Educational Service Center (MOV ESC) Driving School provides easy access to driver education for students; thus eliminating the first barrier to employment.

Other programs designed to increase work readiness include OSHA 10 training and Lean Six Sigma. Additionally, the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) has a library of Industry Recognized Credentials (IRCs) to afford a student an alternate pathway to graduation. Through RISE Up and Certiport, students can earn up to 48 IRCs, many linked to industry-recognized credentials in the healthcare, retail, hospitality, service and logistics sectors.

Experts believe 90% of future jobs will be STEM-related. MVESC is leading the charge to revive the Appalachian STEM Collaborative to provide access and opportunity for all students to meet workforce needs. MVESC and our partners are also working to address shortages in Ohio’s in-demand occupations with our “Grow Your Own” Teacher Academy, Medical Pathway Program, and apprenticeships through ApprenticeOhio.

We are also providing students career exploration opportunities via a high school mentorship program conducted by MVESC’s Gifted Education Department. Businesses in multiple career fields offer students on-site learning opportunities including health fields such as pediatrics, nursing, surgical, dental, vision, chiropractic, dermatology, therapeutic, and behavioral; veterinary medicine; legal professions including lawyers, judges, prosecution, police, forensics; engineering; photography, and advertising; aeronautical, manufacturing, protective services, education, culinary arts, and government.

Additionally, MVESC works cooperatively with Appalachian Children Coalition (ACC), which is providing an internship in the behavioral health field of study for high school juniors and seniors, as well as for graduates attending college in pursuit of a behavioral health field.  MVESC is working collaboratively with ACC for current and past mentorship students to continue forward from their mentorship experience into this paid internship pathway.


We have workforce development options for educators too.

Not only is it important to provide our districts a STEM Collaborative, but it is equally important to provide STEM resources to our teachers as they are frontline implementers of the STEM mindset. The MVESC is partnering with JASON Learning to provide a vast library of cross-curricular STEM resources.

The MVESC’s Department of Curriculum and Learning facilitates five separate collaboratives for district and building leadership. The collaboratives are talored for Curriculum Leaders, School Counselors, and Elementary, Middle School and High School Principals. These collaboratives keep MVESC members up-to-date on the latest requirements and best practices. Additionally, various MVESC departments provide timely professional development activities throughout the year in various formats. Information detailing specific options is available on the MVESC online calendar.


Let’s work together to improve education.