Welcome to the Muskingum Valley LPDC page. This page will serve as your resource for information you need to renew your Ohio Department of Education License.

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MVESC Professional Development Options to Renew Your License

Click here to see a complete list of activity renewal options.

How to Renew Your License

Please visit this Licensure Infographic for detailed information.

In order to renew a professional license, educators must submit the following:

  • Approved Individual Professional Development Plan in effect during current licensure period
  • Official transcripts of any coursework completed
  • Contact-hours documentation and completed Contact Hours Tracking Form
  • Copy of current license
  • LPDC Verification Form for Licensure Renewal


Contact one of our LPDC Members below:

LPDC Members

Cathy Morgan, Administrative Representative, Chair
Morgan Snyder, School Psychologist Representative
Gretchen Combs, Teacher Representative
Debbie Shoemaker, Teacher Representative
Kim Lynch, Teacher Representative
Katherine Devoll, Teacher Representative
Tasha Abood, Teacher Representative

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