EngageEd: Digital Learning Live Content

EngageEd: Live Interactive Student Sessions is a revolutionary learning platform that offers students the opportunity to connect with professional instructors and engage in real-time lessons delivered through Zoom. This collection of live lessons is designed to foster collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity by encouraging students to work together and engage in interactive discussions and hands-on activities. Currently this content is geared towards grades PS-4th grade. The content is carefully crafted to connect classroom concepts with fun and engaging learning experiences, making education both enjoyable and impactful. Whether students are exploring new subjects, working on group projects, or simply participating in lively debates, EngageEd: Live Interactive Student Sessions offers a dynamic and engaging learning experience that will inspire and motivate students to reach their full potential. For the latest available lessons, please check out or EngageEd Catalogue.

Distance Learning Pricing – On Demand Cost:

  • $85 per classroom per lesson
  • 30-student maximum

Special Multi-point Pricing:

  • $135 per classroom per lesson
  • Above cost includes a classroom set of materials mailed directly to the classroom for up to 30 students.
  • If you require extra kits, they may be purchased for an additional $1.00 each.
  • Overage fees and additional kit fees will apply to schools that go over the 30-student maximum.
  • To register, please visit CILC (Center for Interactive Learning) or add your school directly into our MVESC scheduling system:

American Sign Language Online Coursework

MVESC American Sign Language (ASL) World Language Courses are live, online learning opportunities that provide students with the opportunity to develop their ASL skills and gain a deeper understanding of Deaf culture. These courses are taught by highly qualified instructors and offer high school world language credit, as well as the possibility of being taken for college credit. The live, online format allows students to interact in real-time with their instructor and classmates, creating a supportive and engaging learning environment. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced ASL learner, these courses will help you improve your signing skills and expand your knowledge of Deaf culture. With its competitive pricing, the MVESC American Sign Language World Language Courses provide an excellent value for districts looking to implement a new world language into their course offerings.



Online Professional Development Options:

Are you an educator looking for asynchronous options for contact hours to upgrade your license?

Are you a district superintendent wanting an online professional development option with accountability for your staff on calamity days?

Check out EduTrack Library!
EduTrack Library: The Anytime Resource for Accountable Educators and School Support Staff

The MVESC EduTrack Library is a dynamic digital hub for Educators and School Support Staff. This online platform provides a wealth of training opportunities, including a vast library of webinars covering a range of educational topics and best practices. Stay ahead of the curve and fulfill professional development requirements with ease, as you earn contact hours for each completed webinar. With a user-friendly interface, engaging content, and flexible scheduling options, the EduTrack Library is the ideal resource for school districts seeking relevant, up-to-date training with built-in accountability. Enhance your skills, broaden your knowledge, and thrive in your current school assignment with the EduTrack Library.

Please visit our EduTrack Professional Development online learning link for a complete listing of topics currently available. If you are interested in specific technology topic or professional development training, please contact Leslie Charles the MVESC Digital Integration Coordinator and Technology Integration Coach for more information.


Yearly Muskingum Valley ESC Digital Integration Package Options:

Full District Digital Integration Package:

The Full District Digital Integration Yearly Membership from the Muskingum Valley Educational Service Center is a comprehensive solution for districts looking to fully integrate digital learning into their educational programs. This yearly membership includes:

  • Access to the EngageEd Live Student Sessions (30 per year)
  • Unlimited yearly access for all district staff to use the EduTrack Library
  • Access for two grade level teams to implement the “Kind Crew ASL Series” (a live, five-lesson series that focuses on whole brain vocabulary building concepts and social emotional discussions)
  • On-demand technology coaching for staff (providing a wealth of resources and support to educators and students alike)

With its focus on engaging real-world learning experiences, this membership provides a great value for all the services it includes. Whether you’re looking to improve student outcomes, enhance teacher training, or simply stay ahead of the curve when it comes to digital education, the Full District Digital Integration Yearly Membership from the Muskingum Valley Educational Service Center is the ideal solution.

EngageEd Digital Learning Live Student Content Package:

Access to 30 EngageEd Live Student Sessions throughout the school year. With this package, district classrooms receive a discount on individual student sessions and priority online scheduling.

EduTrack Library: The Anytime Resource for Accountable Educators and School Support Staff Package

Unlimited access for your district staff to use this Asynchronous Webinar Library with built-in contact hours for calamity and in-services.

Current Technology Professional Development Topics

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