The Math Tool Kit for the Common Core


K – 8th grade – $30 each
Algebra I – $30 each
Algebra II – $30 each (electronic download)
Geometry – $30 each (electronic download)

Purchase Common Core Math Tool Kits for each grade level to transition to the Common Core Math Standards.

Use this Math Tool to build a sequential and comprehensive path for teachers. The Math Tool Kit for the Common Core is a user friendly tool that assists teachers in focusing on grade level curriculum, assessment and instruction.

Each Tool Kit contains:

  • Focus elements that pinpoint critical math topics
  • Flowcharts that identify prerequisites
  • Pre-assessments that determine current understanding
  • Monitoring Tools for both the teacher and the student
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  • Scaffolding to teach the standards step-by-step
  • Unit Organizers based on Understanding by Design
  • Lesson Plans that are Bloom’s based and require hands-on manipulatives

High School Tool Kit Flashcards


Algebra I – Units 1 and 2 – $10 each (print only)
Algebra I – Units 3 through 5 – $5 (electronic download)
Algebra II – $12 each (electronic download)
Geometry – $12 each (electronic download)

To order The Math Tool Kit or High School Tool Kit Flashcards, please visit the MVESC Marketplace to make your selection. For more information, please call Mary Archer at 740-452-4518.

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