Care Team Collaborative

The mission of Care Team Collaborative is to mobilize family and community resources and develop systems which create opportunity to build assets and achieve academic success, enabling all youth to become healthy, resilient contributors in our community. 

Care Team Collaborative (CTC) engages schools, districts and communities in critical conversations to more effectively align systems resulting in improved academic and non academic supports so all children can achieve greater academic success and grow into healthy resilient adults.

Our professional development, technical assistance, data collection/analysis services support district and community efforts to build a comprehensive system of learning supports for all children and families and integrate this system into other state mandated plans such as Ohio Improvement Process (Goal 3 – climate and conditions), Health and Wellness and Crisis Intervention and Family and Children First Council Shared Plans. 

Care Team Collaborative Framework: Care Teams are multi-agency wrap around teams which handle referral and case management services for high risk youth.
Response to Intervention (RTI): Integrate academic and non academic supports to ensure all children have services at the level and intensity needed to meet their individual/family needs.
Developmental Assets: Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets is a framework for building community capacity to develop strong, healthy, resilient youth.