Center for Leading and Learning

Welcome to the Center for Leading and Learning. The center is organized to support districts in school improvement needs. Professional growth is supported by the three pillars of the center:

Pillar 1 - Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Curriculum: Standards and Content

  • Understanding current grade-level indicators
  • Curriculum Mapping of indicators with quarterly assessments
  • Using item analysis with quarterly assessments
  • Consulting on best practices in curriculum development
  • Developing Standards-based Curriculum Tools to plan for instruction

Instruction: Effective Teaching and Best Practices

  • Differentiated Instruction using the MVESC Indicator Ladders
  • Building teams and teacher leaders
  • Best practices for teaching and learning -- research-based
  • Professional development on high yield strategies
  • Technology usage to promote 21st Century skills
  • Teacher mentor knowledge and skills development

Assessment and Data

  • Effective questioning
  • Standards-based assessment development (including formative assessments)
  • Rubric development and use (2- and 4-point constructed response)
  • What does the data say? Facilitating teacher analysis of student data
  • School process cycle and time frame for teachers reviewing data

Ohio Improvement Process

  • External facilitator
  • Data-based decisions
  • CCIP development

Pillar 2 - Gifted Services and District Programs in Schools

Coordinator of Gifted Services

  • Testing and identification
  • Placement of gifted students
  • Communication
  • Written Educational Plans (WEP) assistance
  • Gifted program evaluation
  • Compliance and accountability requirements

Professional Development

  • Gifted teacher collaboration
  • Clustering
  • Differentiating
  • Meeting the needs of the advanced reader
  • Other identified needs

Pillar 3 - Distance Learning - Learning through the Use of Technology
Student Sessions

  • A variety of K-8 sessions developed around the Academic Content Standards
  • Foreign languages: Mandarin Chinese I and II and American Sign Language I and II
  • Interactive Student Lessons K-8: a variety of standards-based, interdisciplinary lessons to engage all learners

Professional Development for Administrators and Teachers

  • Teacher Tuesday and What Works Wednesday: a variety of professional development offerings for all educators (e.g., high yield strategies, formative assessments, integrating technology in the classroom, etc.)
  • Specialized Instruction – Content specific by request