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Menu of Gifted Services

The Gifted Services staff provides services to support the development and growth of local school district programming for gifted students. They work closely with MVESC and local district curriculum staff to integrate and align services and programming. The goal is to help districts serve gifted students in the most appropriate setting with the most appropriate instruction from the time of school entry to graduation.

Talented and Gifted Services

  • Testing and identification
  • Placement of gifted students
  • Communication among parents, teachers and administrators
  • Written Educational Plans (WEP) assistance
  • Gifted program evaluation
  • Compliance and accountability requirements
  • EMIS data support
  • Gifted self-report assistance
  • Visual and Performing Arts identification
  • Parental support

Professional Development

  • Gifted coordinators meetings
  • Clustering and teaching the gifted in the regular classroom
  • Differentiating for the needs of gifted children
  • Gifted curriculum development and assessment
  • Other identified needs

For more information, please contact:

Table of Talented and Gifted Staff member
MVESC Talented and Gifted Coordinator Susan Larson

Susan Larson
740-452-4518, ext. 109
MVESC Talented and Gifted Specialist Bill Williamson

Bill Williamson
740-452-4518, ext. 128