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Journey to the Core of Mathematics

Journey to the Core of Mathematics



The Number Line Adventure - $25 each
The Fraction Adventure - $25 each (coming soon)

The Journey to the Core of Mathematics is created for curriculum directors, teacher leaders, teachers, and principals and is part of a series of math topics that are relevant to today’s classroom teacher. These guides will show how to build a solid mathematical foundation and how to build upon it.  Math is sequential, and when a student is found to be lacking in a foundational item, this issue must be addressed.

Number Lines

This Number Line Guide can be used to support your journey in strengthening student understanding in foundational mathematical concepts. It contains information on:

  • The importance of building a strong mathematical foundation.
  • The importance of securing a strong mathematical foundation thru instruction and remediation.
  • Ideas for classroom application and student learning.
  • Classroom tools that promote student thinking and use of mathematical concepts.

You will have several stops along your journey through this guide.This adventure includes the why and how of using number lines, what number lines you can use in the classroom and number line templates to support number sense.


The Fraction Guide will be released soon.

To order a Journey to the Core of Mathematics guide, please visit the MVESC Marketplace to make your selection. For more information, please call Mary Archer at 740-452-4518.