Impact Math Instruction Through Data

Available in Grades 3-8. Algebra and Geometry

Created by Ruth Ware and Muskingum Valley ESC

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What have you learned from the Math TIDE reports?

How can you use the Math TIDE reports to support student learning and impact instruction?

This math tool supports the organization, analysis and interpretation of the Ohio State Math test results.  Utilize the 2017 released and practiced test items to develop hypothesis (ideas) to improve student learning in your classroom.  This tool will help you identify strong and weak math standard areas and will support discussions on making instructional decisions.

“Teachers can use students’ data analysis to identify factors that may motivate student performance and then adjust their instruction to better meet students’ needs.”  NAEP

The tool is organized by mathematical domain (Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Number and Operations in Base Ten, Number and Operations-Fractions, Measurement and Data and Geometry) to make it easy to connect with curriculum and assessment maps and units of instruction.  This organization supports conversation on instructional practices on the standards in all the domains.

Each domain section contains the actual released 2017 Ohio test item aligned to the content cluster and standard.  A data analysis grid is located below each test item to allow for individual organization of classroom test results.   Ohio practice test items are included in each domain area along with talking points for individual and team reflection on student learning and instruction.

Appendix A contains tools that help schools to compile grade level results by domain. 

Appendix B contains Data Talking Points

Appendix C and D contain the Content Summary and Answer Keys for the 2017 released and practice items that support Ohio State Tests.