Need Workshops for your District Waiver Days?

Do you need to meet the needs of a specific group of staff during your district professional development (PD) days? Our MVESC staff can help you deliver the content!

You may choose from a variety of early childhood topics, schedule for "onsite" professional development days, and modify them based on the hours you need (late start PD, half-day PD, full-day PD). Our available topics and their descriptions are listed below:

Count Me In

Are you looking for new ways to implement math into your classroom? The answer may be just a bookshelf away! Literature is an ideal way to help students see the importance of numbers in their daily lives. Join us as we dive into the connection between math and literature and discover easy ways to integrate mathematical practices into your daily classroom instruction.

Signing in the Workplace -  Circle Time Signs

Participants will learn the manual alphabet, numbers, common phrases, and vocabulary to communicate with deaf students and hearing students in a regular school setting. We will share circle-time songs and learning activities that you can use in the classroom the following day.

Successful Student Engagement

Do you feel like you are alone in the learning process in your classroom? Are you working harder than the students in your class? We can help! In this workshop, you will learn strategies that will help students take ownership of their learning, which will keep them actively engaged in the learning process.

Taming Turmoil - Classroom Management

Classroom management is critical to the learning process. In this workshop, you will gain classroom resources, activities, and instructional tips on how to effectively manage your classroom. Topics will include establishing effective rules and procedures, exploring classroom management systems, managing individual student behavior, developing relationships with staff members and parents, and managing behavior in a variety of instructional formats. You will discover and use best practices for managing your classroom and engaging students in the learning process.

Wild about Words

The relationship between vocabulary and comprehension is unparalleled in importance. This session will provide a wide array of vocabulary enhancing experiences and strategies teachers can apply across the curriculum. Grab your binoculars and buckle in for a session that is loaded with hands-on, ready-to-use strategies for the classroom.