Mapping with PARCC Using the Math Tool Kit

Blend the critical focus areas of the Common Core with the PARCC Model Framework to map Math Curriculum

Dr. Ky Davis has outlined and described the Common Core critical focus areas for each grade level in The Math Toolkit for the Common Core.   Ruth Ware has used the PARCC Model Content Framework to demonstrate the content emphasis in the standards at the cluster level in The Navigator to PARCC Evidence Tables, Blueprints and Performance Level Descriptors in Mathematics.    A page from The Math Toolkit for the Common Core s outlined by Dr. Ky Davis

The PARCC-based Standards Maps have been bundled according to the PARCC blueprints.  Standards are organized to show what needs to be covered before the Performance-Based Assessment (PBA) and before the End-of-Year Assessment (EOY).   A PBA will be given at approximately 75% through the school year while the end-of-year assessment (EOY) will be given after 90% of the school year is completed.

The bundled standards are outlined by colored boxes. The color grouping indicates the priority emphasis identified by PARCC in the model content framework.

Table of PARCC Cluster Areas
Major Cluster Areas Approximately 70% of instructional time
Supporting Cluster Areas Approximately 20% of instructional time
Additional Cluster Areas Approximately 10% of instructional time



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