Student Referral

Perry County Preschool Programs

If you suspect your preschool child may have a disability in areas such as communication, fine motor skills or gross motor skills, and you live in New Lexington Local or Northern Local Schools, please contact MVESC's New Lexington Office at 740-343-0680 to schedule an appointment for a play-based assessment.

The process for determining whether or not a child has a disability will include the following steps:

  • During the play-based assessment, your child will participate in play activities while a special education teacher leads and observes the play. The teacher will look at all areas of development during the session.
  • Within 30 days, we will schedule a Determination of Suspected Disability meeting to review the assessment.
    • If the team determines that your child does not have a disability, the process ends.
    • If the team suspects that your child does have a disability, the team will ask for your signature to consent for a multi-factored evaluation.
      • Within 59 days from the previous meeting, a specialist will contact you to schedule an appointment. The evaluations will be completed, and an Evaluation Team meeting will be held to review the results.
      • If your child qualifies as a child with a disability, the educational needs of your child will be identified at this meeting, as per IDEA regulations.
      • If your child qualifies for services, you will be asked to attend an Individualized Educational Program (IEP) planning meeting within 30 days. At this meeting, you and the team will develop proposed learning goals for your child that address the educational needs identified through the Evaluation Team Report. The team also will propose a preschool placement where the special education services can be provided to your child for your consideration.

This entire process takes place at NO COST to families.