Student Supports

Ohio’s Educational Service Centers are mandated through Ohio Revised Code to provide specific services on behalf of the local school districts. Among these services are the certification and training of bus drivers (ORC 3321.15) and excusing homeschooled students from compulsory school attendance. The MVESC Student Services Department is responsible for the oversight of both of these services.

Bus Driver Training

MVESC is required to document and certify that local school district bus drivers have met the required physical and training requirements required by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE). Prior to the start of each school year, MVESC conducts a four-hour training on behalf of the local district transportation coordinators. Videos of the training are available to the local districts online.

Visit the ODE website for more information.

Homeschooling Notification

Home Education is education that is directed by the parent or guardian of a child excused from attending school. The parent or guardian selects the curriculum and educational materials and takes responsibility for educating the child. There is no financial assistance for families who chose this option.

MVESC ‘s responsibility in the process is to verify notification of intent to homeschool and to excuse those who choose to homeschool their children from compulsory school attendance.

Annual Process for Home Education

  • Within one week of the start of the school year:
    • Parents who reside in a county “local” school district send the Home Education Notification form to David Branch, Superintendent of MVESC (parents who reside in the city of Zanesville should submit to the Zanesville City School superintendent).
  • Within 14 days of receipt of Notification:
    • Superintendent reviews notification, determines if it is in compliance and notifies the parent.
  • At the start of the next school year:
    • Parent or guardian submits the notification form to the appropriate superintendent, along with an Academic Assessment report, one week prior to the beginning of the school.

Visit our Homeschool page or the ODE website for more information.