Student Services Department

The Student Services Department serves children, families and school personnel in the areas of special education, at-risk programming and support services.  Support services are provided through a direct-service, collaborative and consultative approach. The Student Services Department goals are aligned with the goals of our organization and drive the work of our department.

Student Services Goals

  • We connect students with quality programs and services to provide the best opportunities for school success.
  • We create partnerships among districts and with families and community agencies to provide cost effective, quality programs
  • We contribute to the knowledge base and expertise needed by professionals and families to ensure school success for children with disabilities and those at risk of school failure.

Departments Divisions

  • The Special Education Division includes the Multiple Disabilities Program, Related Services, Assistive Technology and Transition Services.
  • Our At-Risk Programs Division provides Attendance Intervention and a Diversion Weekend Program aimed at reducing the number of out of school suspensions
  • The Support Services Division is responsible for bus driver training, certification and homeschool notification monitoring. 

For more information on the Student Services Department, email Caren Maniaci at