Muskingum County Preschool Programs

Muskingum Valley Preschool

Photo of students sitting in a circle in a preschool classroom saying, "Cheese!"The Muskingum Valley Preschool targets at-risk students, as well as students with mild disabilities. Preschool classrooms are located within local school district buildings. Children ages 3 to 5 years of age attend two or four full days per week based on the district calendar in which the classroom is located.  Please visit the Muskingum Valley Preschool-Muskingum County page for additional information.

Preschool Special Education Services

Photo of a little girl using a pointer on a smart board activity regarding weatherMuskingum Valley ESC coordinates evaluations and placement of preschool children with special education needs in partnership with five local school districts and the Muskingum County Board of Developmental Disabilities (Starlight School). Services range from itinerant support in local child-care settings to classroom-based special education services. Please visit the Preschool Special Education Page for additional information.

Contact Information

Little boy playing with a toy in a preschool classroomKrystal McFarland
Preschool Director
740-452-4518, x 1167

Elaine Dodson
Preschool Coordinator
Muskingum County Programs

740-452-4518, x 1165